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August 21 2016

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Pianist Ludovico Einaudi performs in Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean as part of a Greenpeace campaign calling for its protection (x)
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Karl Brjullov, The Last Day of Pompeii (detail), 1830-1833

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friend: you look stressed
me: haha yeah it’s the stress

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I want to be alone and I want people to notice me - both at the same time.
— Thom Yorke  
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concept: 90s. New York City. cocktails with friends after work on a friday night dressed in gucci fw 1995

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August 10 2016

(...) zasypiamy z jedną ręką pod głową a z drugą w kopcu planet 
a stopy opuszczają nas i smakują ziemię małymi korzonkami które rano odrywamy boleśnie
— Herbert
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my aesthetic is looking really tired even when I’ve had enough sleep and having a lot of bad habits and responding poorly to criticism

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Rolls-Royce Baby | Erwin C. Dietrich, 1975

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*plays hard to get by staying at home and having no contact with anyone*

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Women of Amphissa - L. Alma-Tadema, 1887

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